Team Game


The Team Game is a card and board game which is based on participants’ discussion, joint problem-solving and reflection on guiding principles for acting. It develops teamwork skills of the participants. In this way, the game helps to promote smooth and productive teamwork as well as the well-being of the team members. The Team Game is intended to facilitate the start of teamwork and to develop it. The Team Game was developed by a group of researchers from the laboratory for work psychology and leadership at the Helsinki University of Technology. The Team Game fits to real teams and to working groups, for example production teams in industry, customer service teams and office support teams. The group size for one game workshop facilitated by a trained facilitator is limited to 8 participants. The facilitator can be a trainer, consultant, organization developer or team trainer.
The Team Game goals are
– the development of teamwork and interaction skills
– the practicing of ways to identify and solve problems that occur in teamwork
– to offer a process for team or working group members to get to know each other in this role
– to acquaint the participants with group phenomena and develop a common terminology
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