Rent & License

We design and facilitate tailor-made game processes for strategy communication and implementation, sales improvement, service culture development, customer experience management, and many other change situations.

For international settings we offer country-specific licenses for the use of our game format, if the game workshops have to be carried out in many different countries/languages and very many game workshops are needed. In such cases we can train a group of future in-house trainers who then act as certified game facilitators inside your organization. The game project comprises

  • the country-specific game licenses
  • custom-made design of game boards, in local languages
  • design of cases for use in the game sessions, in local languages
  • access to the cases in our online learning games environment
  • the right to adjust the case library questions in our online “learning games” environment
  • facilitator training and certification of in-house facilitators
  • possibility to enlarge the case library by adding cases in the future

For one-time game workshop series in different countries or language areas clients may rent a game for the workshop series. In such projects we design the contents of the game, train the in-house trainers and supply a game for rent during the workshop period.

For more information please contact:

Sami Sarén

Tel. +358 400 353 652