This year Changeskills‘ board game has replaced the traditional slide show presentations in training for all its Finnish store personnel. Changeskills has fully tailormade the game to the objectives of the company, including a unique game board and game contents.

In the game participants think about everyday challenges in the stores

Sales personnel, management team members and managers go round the game board and are confronted with challenges drawn from real life instore situations. In small teams participants talk through the best way to master the challenges and share their own personal experiences as well as best practices. Both employees and management see the value having participants sit and work through questions about selling. Participants really appreciate being able to meet employees from other locations in Finland and hearing about their approach to solving things. At the end of the game session everybody defines a personal development target.

Promises are followed up in a way that is transparent to all

The development targets or promises are displayed on Changeskills’ promise poster in every store. The objective of the promise poster is to strengthen transparency and a culture of immediate feedback. The promises on the wall are used to kick off subsequent sales meetings following up on how well promises are actually being kept. With the promises on the wall it is natural for managers to discuss each employee’s target and the challenges they face putting them into practice.

Active and immediate feedback culture arrives in the stores

Every employee does a self-evaluation of how well they have brought their promise to life, as well as receiving feedback from colleagues and their manager. Managers also get upwards feedback from employees. The purpose is to strengthen the internal sparring culture. Research indicates that only by mobilizing personnel throughout the whole store can stores offer the customer a positive and ”wow” customer experience. Suomalainen Kirjakauppa’s reputation as an employer and sales performance also benefit from its positive work climate. The project aims to take this to the next level.

The Customer Game is a development project

Changeskills’ experience and engaging game method with its systematic follow-up process has impressed personnel and management alike. Because of the transparent and immediate feedback process, promises given in the game session are kept on average 80% of the time. The promises take the form of concrete everyday actions and through these actions everyday work changes. Change is Actions Today!

For more information please contact:

Sami Sarén, Changeskills, CEO, tel. + 358 400 353 652

Kari Malinen, Changeskills, partner, tel. +358 50 525 3943