Customer Game

The customer is ever more important for business success. Only if a company succeeds with the customer better than the competition does it have a chance to survive and grow. Deep understanding of the customer needs, careful listening to customer feedback and organisation of activities around customer needs throughout the organization are the foundation for superior customer experiences and long-term customer success.
Our Customer Game projects deepen participants’ understanding of customer needs, sales, customer service and innovation. During the game session participants work in teams to solve company-specific cases and quests. The gamified setting allows to discuss bottlenecks in sales and customer service, development possibilities and shared approaches in an interactive and energizing way.
The Customer Game process changes everyday behavior of each participant. For this, the process includes personal promises in the area of sales or customer service. After the game session participants follow up on the achievement of their promises. The efficiency of sales and customer service operations can also be enhanced by adding elements of games to the business process, i.e., by gamification.
The objectives and the topics of the Customer Game process are always planned and designed according to the specific needs of our clients. Customer interviews or up-front questionnaires may be used to help in the planning and designing of the game session.
Here are some typical topics of Customer Game processes:
o What does “being customer” mean in practice?
o What elements determine most of the customer’s experience with our products and services?
o How do our additional services help us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors?
o What does expertise mean in customer service?
o What does “right attitude” mean for our services?
o How does the company brand show in our personal sales work?
o In which phase of the customer journey can we achieve the most additional sales?
Game application
The group size for a Customer Game session is 6-16 players, For bigger groups, the game is slightly modified.
We have developed and used the game concept for more than 12 years, and our customers have made very good experiences using single Customer Game processes as well as integrating them into a larger organizational development process.
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